Cocolicious VCO Process

How is Cocolicious VCO produced?

1. How is your virgin coconut oil produced?

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by the following steps: Coconut meat is taken from fresh mature coconuts. Coconut milk is extracted coconut meat without any heat (Cold pressed). Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted by centrifuge without adding any heat from coconut cream until all moisture is removed from the oil.

2. Is there heat applied in the processing?

We use what is called a wet process where we  extract our oil from coconut cream from fresh coconuts. We do not add any heat to any part of the process.

3. Is it refined, bleached or deodorized?

Our virgin coconut oil DOES NOT undergo any of this process step.

4. Is Virgin Coconut Oil your primary product of process?

Yes, virgin coconut oil com is our primary product of our process – meaning all the oil coming from the coconut meat is used to produce the oil, our raw coconut material is not a by or co product of a desiccated coconut process.

5. Where are your Coconuts grown? How are they cared for?

Our coconuts are grown and harvested in coconut farms by the waters of the Moro gulf, a pristine sea untarnished by development. Saltwater, as a natural fertilizer, provides the electrolyte requirement for the soil to grow productive coconut trees.

6. Are your coconuts grown without harmful chemicals and harmful fertilizers?

Yes, our farmer partners practice sustainable farming because its matter of survival.

7. Is the coconut oil made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra?

Yes, we use only freshly harvested mature 10-12 month old coconuts which contain a lot of oil.

8. Do you use any animal testing on your products? 

No, we do not.